Neuroburo is a full cycle Blockchain, Web and Game Development studio. We truly love and excel at everything, related to generative NFT art and blockchain-based play-to-earn NFT game development.

2D NFT Art | Solidity Development | Rust Development
| Metamask Integration |
Platinum standard and a go-to solution for Decentralized Applications. With high gas fees and long transaction time, Ethereum in 2021 is more than just an open-source blockchain solution.

It's a symbol of Status. You are free to treat this technology as a 1982 Lambo Countach itself.

Yet still, while infused with a handful of Layer2 solutions, such as Polygon/Matic, Immutable X or Enjin, this premium network lends a hand to every enthusiast to kick it to the Moon and back.
ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155
Binance Smart Chain is a supervised network backed by the original Binance team.

It is best used for running market-standard semi-centralized proprietary solutions on BEP20, BEP721 and BEP1155 protocols.

Projects based on this technology are greatly interconnected within the entire Binance ecosystem, including vast cross-chain capabilities. The only major flaw for the end user and an upcoming project owner is that the Binance team will always have enough leverage on your endeavors and services. Yet still, in case of your project's global success and legal compliance, the Binance team may also provide you additional support, assistance and exposure.
BEP-20, BEP-721, BEP-1155
Despite being a semi-centralized solution (around 60% of network's nodes are represented within the same datacenter), Solana blockchain offers fast and extremely cheap transaction speeds, active community and upgrades, and already existing toolkits for game development and NFT implementation. This solution may not turn out to be stable or extremely reliable in the long run, but it sure has its overwhelming benefits here and now. Perfect for fast deploy or cross-chain projects.

Perfect for fast deploy or cross-chain projects.
Rust, C and C++
While Discord and Twitter sure do have respect among crypto-related communities on the West, right here and right now we deliver our Eastern Promises through Telegram.

+ lower price per customer (PPC)
+ as big crypto community as in Twitter and Discord
+ both English, Spanish and Slavic-speaking communities
+ Simple, transparent and understandable ways of marketing, with standard prices and measurable engagement.

- The biggest crypto stars are still in Twitter and Discord;
- Not each and every popular community has a duplicated account in Telegram;
Deepest and widest catalogue of crypto-related channels,
verified by partners:
Unlike the others, we will rightfully protect you from:
Outdated pipelines and non-optimal expensive solutions

Raising an unjustified sidechain back-end infrastructure when there's already an Open Source RPC-API? Oh, c'mon!
Project Management Disaster

Stop wasting 35-50% of project's budget on meetings You don't even need.
Generic art, stolen from photostocks or creative commons licensing

Even famous design ateliers tend to shove your project's frontpage with souless stock shit. We don't.

From pixel
to perception
 Feel free to hit us up in Telegram. Anywhere, anytime.
Feel free to hit us up in Telegram. Anywhere, anytime.